The World Trade Organization (WTO) safeguard agreement is a crucial document that lays down the rules and guidelines for the imposition of trade safeguards by member countries. The agreement is designed to prevent sudden surges of imports that could cause harm to domestic industries, while also ensuring that such safeguards are not used to protect industries that are not competitive enough.

The safeguard agreement was negotiated as part of the Uruguay Round of trade negotiations, which led to the creation of the WTO in 1995. The agreement is based on the principle that a country can impose safeguard measures, such as tariffs or quotas, on imports only if the imports are causing or are likely to cause serious injury to its domestic industry.

While the safeguard agreement provides a framework for the use of safeguards, it also sets out several conditions that must be met before a country can take such measures. For instance, the agreement requires that the country initiating the safeguard investigation provide evidence of the injury caused to its domestic industry, and that the safeguard measures be temporary and phased out once the industry has had time to adjust.

The WTO safeguard agreement is a crucial document for businesses and policymakers alike, as it helps ensure that trade safeguards are used in a fair and transparent manner. The agreement provides a set of rules and guidelines that can be used to resolve disputes arising from the use of safeguards, thereby reducing the chances of retaliatory actions that could harm trade relations between countries.

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