The Transport Canberra Enterprise Agreement (TCEA) is an agreement that outlines the working conditions and benefits for employees of Transport Canberra, the government-owned public transport provider for the Australian Capital Territory (ACT).

The TCEA was last renegotiated in 2019 and covers all employees, including bus drivers, administrative staff, and maintenance workers. It ensures that employees are treated fairly and have access to a range of benefits, including flexible working arrangements, paid leave, and training and development opportunities.

One of the key features of the TCEA is its commitment to workplace health and safety. Transport Canberra is committed to maintaining a safe and healthy workplace for its employees and has implemented a range of policies and procedures to ensure that all employees are protected from harm.

The TCEA also includes provisions for dispute resolution and grievance procedures. This means that if an employee has a complaint or dispute with their employer, there is a clear process for resolving the issue in a timely and effective manner.

In addition to providing a framework for fair and safe working conditions, the TCEA also supports the ongoing development of Transport Canberra as a modern, efficient, and sustainable public transport provider. This includes investing in new technologies, improving customer service, and reducing the environmental impact of its operations.

Overall, the Transport Canberra Enterprise Agreement is an important tool for ensuring that Transport Canberra`s employees are treated fairly and that the organization continues to provide high-quality public transport services to the people of Canberra.


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